Monday, March 23, 2009

vintage hats on strange heads

I can just imagine walking down the street and seeing the ladies of New York wearing all of their special hats. Flowers, feathers, ribbons and netting. I love the combinations and eras. What gets me are the head in the pictures. And these girls are the "attractive" ones. 
silk roses and violets on an Edwardian hat. such a beautiful muted color palate. brown, copper green, straw, faded blue and fuchsia.
dimensional black felt with a red silk bow echoing the hats shape
I always see a young Martha Stewart when I see this. probably something she would have made for herself. the flowers look spray painted gold.  
it must be that all the easter candy is in the store but I love the combination of the purple, lavender and yellow. she must have got into the self tanner as she is almost more colorful than her hat!
what a serious bow. straight out of the Juicy Couture ads. or from an 80's quinceanera.

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