Sunday, March 15, 2009

dinner party

Last friday night I had a dinner party for eight at my friend Micheles house. It was a nod to my  California. Superior Silver Patron fresh lime margaritas with flake salt from Wales (so foodie). A citrus salad with various grapefruits, oranges, sexy blood oranges with lime juice, finely slices red onion and sliced avocado that we all drank the extra juices from our plates. And special tamales by Primavera that I import (freeze and haul back in my checked luggage.) from the Bay Area. Eaten over yuppie greens (mixed herbed lettuce), avocado, sour cream, crushed up tortilla chips for crunch, lime juice, extra cilantro, and peach mango salsa from a company called  Santa Barbara Salsas also from Cali. And to spice it up Chipotle Tabasco, the only tabasco I have ever loved. For dessert I made Winter Spices Molten Chocolate Cakes made with Scharffen Berger chocolate (from Berkeley) served with Dulce de Leche by Ciao Bella ice cream and a few raspberries. We were so involved in talking and eating we didn't take a single picture of the food. Ooopse. 
Me and Michele wearing our ropey necklaces laughing it up after dinner. 

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