Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ladies plumage

Victorian hats adorned with feathers and small birds.
During two walks along the streets of Manhattan in 1886 ornithologist Frank Chapman spotted 40 native species of birds including sparrows, warblers and woodpeckers in three-quarters of the 700 womens hats he saw. read more
18th or 19th c. hat with egret feather formerly on exhibit at the costume institute at the metropolitan museum 
model Carmen Dell Orefice wearing Mr. John's "Fabulous Peacock" made of egret feathers 1949
Carrie Bradshaw wearing a turquoise bird on her headdress for her ill fated wedding to "big"
At the turn of the century Victorian urbanites, especially in New York City, desired highly decorative hats  ornamented with various egret feathers, heron, owl heads, whole hummingbirds, fruits, furs, and mice. Women's hats emerged as a symbol of decadence and devastation that galvanized the American public to take active steps to conserve and protect wildlife.   to read more

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