Monday, March 16, 2009

kanzashi - japanese hair ornament

In Japan the geishas have a beautiful and long tradition of wearing various hair ornaments in their lacquered hair. Kanzashi first appeared when women stopped wearing their hair in the traditional taregami style of straight and long  and adopted coiffured nihongami hairstyles. Some believe the hair ornaments may have been used in self defense too. 
geisha wearing their hair ornaments
embellished with coral. the bent scoop is an ear cleaner. its true. i wouldn't make it up
silver and gold with tassels!
horn or bakelite (probably the latter)
(Modern fabric designs.) Nowadays kanzashi are worn by brides, geisha, tayu, yujo and special women who perform in Japanese tea ceremony and ikebana. But there is a current revival among young contemporary Japanese women.

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