Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Guggenheim

I visited the Guggenheim on Monday with my friend to see a special Noguchi exhibit which turned out to be some pictures he took on his travel and it was held in the basement or "lower level" near the photocopier. It was interesting to see how his travels influenced his designs and to see his pretty first wife.
It was a windy day but Dr. Catherine was just evading my camera.
the well known spiral. but with an additional metal spiral that is  apart of Ann Hamilton's installation. we didn't get to see the Tibetan prayer bells fly down the track and ring.
the inner spiral seen from the hallway where the Noguchi photos were shown in the basement.
a part of the Third Mind show. artist James Lee Byars gold leafed room. I took the photo before the guard told me none were allowed. Oopse and yea
the inside of the elevator. ah ha gotcha Catherine. kind of

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