Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brackney, PA

After a few years of not taking the journey I visited my oldest friend Katherine in her country home. It was a wonderful weekend of walks, canoeing, tasty dinners and catching up. We realized that we have know each other for probably 20 years! Crazy! 
their house in the woods
hydroponic local lettuce. beauties
new potatos
dinner on Royal Copenhagen plates. tasty!
Otis the new guy
strawberries for pies
Katherine making the deliciousness
pie: strawberries with rhubarb from the backyard
after dinner dance party

I took the opportunity to swing by a nursery and bought dirt, coral bells, hostas, clematis and other pretty plants to brighten up my planter box under my NYC apartment tree. I gathered sticks from my friends property to make a little fence to keep the city pups out. (Picture to come soon. )

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