Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Merchant House Museum

The Merchant's House is a slice of history frozen in time on New Yorks 4th St. and Bowery. The Tredwell family lived in this house for almost 100 years and very little changed inside during that time. 
Portrait of Seabury Tredwell hovering over a yellow silk sofa. His wife's portrait resides on the other side of the fireplace.
spare furnishings in the lower level family rooms.
a model of the house and how it looks today.
a view from the back parlor/dining room to the main hallway staircase with now very worn red carpet.
a stunning recessed medallion in the parlor rooms considered one of the best examples of the day.
a dead on view of the pocket doors separating the two main rooms on the parlor floor.

The very early style 19th century kitchen which was never updated. 
a servants bell. they are all through the house.
The room for the lady of the house Eliza. It was common for married couples to have separate bedrooms. The second bed was for children who were too young to sleep with their siblings and those who were sick. The bedroom also was a "bath", a writing room, and a staging room for all the ladies to gather in upon arriving for a party or a ball. 
Seabury Tredwell's room where he died and his daughter Gertrude also past away in the same bed. 

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